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Dear Reader…

Dear reader,

I decided to start this blog months ago, and in true fashion, I spent a long time obsessing over how to start and what to call it. For the name, Greenstalk Reviews? A clever combination of my last name and beanstalk. As Tom Robbins said, “You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” True fact, Mr. Robbins, true fact. And so, with a name finally selected, I sat down to pick which book I was going to start with. Something tried and true, a classic, or something unexpected like the truths in the game “two truths and a lie.” But then I realized, that it didn’t really matter because a) I’d be writing this introduction first, so I better get on that and b) the best thing about books is that there’s always another to read. If a book disappoints you, or you just plain don’t like it, there’s always another book out there that you will probably fall in love with.

And what could be better than that?

So I figured that I should just stop thinking and start writing, and figure it out as I go along. Goals so far: to get people interested in the books I review/recommend and to get people reading!

A bit about me. I know blogs are supposed to be pithy and witty and not super-wordy, but I am an English major, so I do tend to ramble from time to time. When I’m asked why I love reading, or why I write, my answer is: because I believe in magic. Not (necessarily) wand-waving, spell-casting magic, but the there-are-things-beyond-explanation kind of magic. There are things that are magnificent, and unbearably beautiful in this world. We don’t always see them or notice them, but they exist. To me, words, sentences, and stories are magic. Writers are magicians and well-woven books are wonderful illusions. How can something that can take a reader to another time and place not be magic?

Be prepared for my taste to be eclectic, and while I love a good classic masterpiece (Dickens, Tolstoy I’m looking at you) my goal is to showcase/share the magic of contemporary books. Literature is not dead! The levels of experimentation can only go up for you.

I will post a new review every Thursday, so keep checking back.

Happy reading!

From Cornell University library, a Humanities Book Art Project


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